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HydroBoat and HydroField RnD test

Thinking Particles 6 also offers shallow water or ocean surface simulation using HydroField and also its HydroBoat operator to simulate water based vehicle. Here I made a new simple test of Motorboat using HydroField and HydroBoat. I generated only Splash … Continue reading

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Walkthrough Video : Glu3d GPU and PWrapper GPU inside 3ds max 2014 and 6.2 millions particle simulation

In this video, I talk about using glu3d gpu inside 3dsmax 2014 and also I was able to do 6.2 millions particles simulation using glu3d gpu which wasn’t working before. I am using nvidia driver version 310.90 which seems to … Continue reading

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R&D Whale Splash Test for Undisclosed Project

It is early R&D test for one of the project. My friends Sriram and Ankit did the whale modeling and also created first pass of diffuse texture. I did whale rigging and animation using CAT, water splash simulation done with … Continue reading

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