Bubbles popping water splash in super slow motion

Here is the one more test with glu gpu. Rendered with iRay over 53 hours. Simulation time was 3 to 4 hours (for 700K more than around particles) and rendering took long becoz of slow meshing time which was 15 mins per frame maximum and 4 to 10 mins minimum. It was first simmed at 100 scale time and then reduced scale to 4.965 for super slow motion.

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  1. It is all nice to see, but without your spec (CPU/GPU/RAM/3dsMax version) all those timeframe numbers are pointless. So, can You please clarify the machine for workload?

    Jignesh Jariwala says:

    Glu3d GPU is a gpu based simulation plugin. and it works on nvidia’s cuda supported cards. I am using GTX 580 1.5GB GPU for simulation and it’s very fast to simulate without a crash.

  2. Thanks for info! I’ve using GTX580 as well, but in sim workstation, they say it is best to use it solely as dedicated Physx/Cuda card. In fact, in some RT renderers, it even produces artifacts if used both as physx and display card at the same time. So, I use one for display, and one for sim. Have You tried with separated card for display (it can be any card), and GTX580 just for sim? I mean, would that improve sim time?

    Jignesh Jariwala says:

    Are you talking about iray rendering with gpus or simulation with glu3d gpu?

    Well I have 2 cards. one GTX 580 and one is GTX 570. GTX 570 is assigned for windows. and my glu3d gpu simulation runs on GTX 580 which isn’t used by windows. and for rendering I use both gpus and cpu (i7 930 at 3.8Ghz overlocked). I hope that helps!